Letter to Prof. Ann Glover regarding draft regulation on endocrine chemicals

Dear Prof. Glover,


We, the undersigned are writing to draw your attention to imminent decisions by the European Commission to set a regulatory framework for so-called endocrine disrupting chemicals. We are concerned that the approach proposed could rewrite well-­accepted scientific and regulatory principles in the areas of toxicology and ecotoxicology without adequate scientific evidence justifying such a departure from existing practices.

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Who is Professor Anne Glover?

Additional Information

  1. Commentary -
    UK views on the issue of whether or not a threshold can be determined
    for endocrine disruptors identified as Substances of Very High Concern
    under REACH (download PDF
  2. BfR-Position on thresholds for adverse effects of substances with
    endocrine disrupting properties with respect to human health (download PDF)
  3. Endocrine effects of chemicals: Aspects of hazard identificationand human health riskassessment, Toxicology Letters (in press, corrected proof)

18.06.2013, 18:00 Uhr