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    Department of Toxicology

    Research Activities

    The group is investigating effects of different physical agents (ionizing radiation, electromagnetic fields, hyperthermia) on biological systems. The focus is set on investigating electromagnetic fields, particularly in the frequency range of terahertz and mobile phone radiation. Hyperthermia is also studied, because exposure to this radiation is always associated with heating. The aim is to elucidate underlying mechanisms in order to enable precise risk characterisation of these factors and to study the therapeutic potential of these agents in combination with pharmacological substances.

    Another research focus is the question how effects of different pharmacological and toxicological agents depend upon the differentiation status of the cells of interest. In particular, effects on the hematopoietic system are investigated. Apart from immortalized cell lines and primary cells, these studies are also performed with human hematopoietic stem cells. Compared to more differentiated cells, these cells exhibit a different susceptibility to various agents. We characterize the underlying mechanisms in order to better understand the effects of pharmacologically and toxicologically relevant substances and to identify novel therapeutical targets.



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