Strep Furan-Ra (FP 6)


    Participant 5: UniTus


    Universita degli Studi della Tuscia, Dipartimento di Agrobiologia e Agrochimica, Italy (www.unitus.it)
    Participant leader: Prof. Dr. Pasquale Mosesso


    The main research interest of the laboratory of molecular cytogenetic and mutagenesis is focussed on two common goals: (i) The understanding of adverse effects of radiations (ionising radiations and UV) and chemicals in biological systems; (ii) The use of this knowledge for assessment of health risks associated with human exposure.


    To reach these goals we concentrate on three major lines of research activities:
            -DNA damage, repair and cellular responses (isolation of repair-deficient mutants, repair of DNA damage, apoptosis, cell cycle regulation)
    -Consequences of DNA damage for chromosomal alterations
    -Assessment of risk for cancer and hereditary diseases due to exposure to genotoxic agents (relationship between DNA damage and the induction of genetic effects)

    The Department of Agrobiology and Agrochemistry where the laboratory of molecular cytogenetic and mutagenesis is located, is the largest Department in the University of Tuscia with more than 100 employees, belonging to both the Faculties of Biological Sciences and Agriculture. The main research interests are focused on environmental aspects and safe food production. The department is well equipped to carry out molecular biology and molecular cytogenetic analyses. Facilities include at least four photo-microscopes equipped for epifluorescence and image analysis with automatic metaphase finder, Flow-cytometer for cell-cycle analysis and apoptosis, equipments for PCR, pulsed field electrophoresis and single cell gel electrophoresis (Comet Assay).


    Principal staff involved:
    The position of the responsible scientist, Pasquale Mosesso, is Professor in Environmental Mutagenesis and Genetics. He has more than fifteen years experience in the fields of environmental mutagenesis and radiation genetics. He acquired international experience and training in molecular cytogenetics by working in different countries including the laboratory of Prof. A.T. Natarajan (University of Leiden, Holland), Prof. M. Bauchinger (GSF, Munich, Germany), Prof. G. Obe (Essen, Germany). He is currently supervising the laboratory of molecular cytogenetics within the Group of Mutagenesis.