Strep Furan-Ra (FP 6)


    Participant 6: VUA


    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Vereniging voor Christelijk Hoger Onderwijs, Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek en Patientenzorg (Institute for Environmental Studies – IVM, Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences), The Netherlands (www.vu.nl/ivm)
    Participant leader: Jan-Willem Wegener

    IVM is a multidisciplinary research institute focusing on environmental chemistry, (eco)toxicology, environmental economics and international and legal aspects of environmental management and was founded at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VUA) in 1971. IVM employs about 100 people of which 80 are directly involved in research. IVM researchers cooperate with partners from other national and international research institutes. The Department of Chemistry & Biology currently consists of eight scientists, eight technicians and three PhD students and will be headed by Professor Jacob de Boer (starting May 1, 2006). The main expertise of the Department is in the fields of chemical analyses of environmental contaminants, QA-QC and proficiency testing and control, environmental monitoring, development and application of in vitro bioassays, and chemical fate modelling. IVM works under a quality control system and has expertise in the production of certified reference materials and the organization of inter-laboratory studies.


    Principal staff involved:
    From 1971 1981, J.W. Wegener studied chemistry at the Free University, Amsterdam, with a major in organic chemistry. From 1981 1983 he worked at the Department of Organic Chemistry of the Free University; he was deployed to the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Petten (The Netherlands). In 1983 1984 he worked at the Chemistry Division of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Ispra (Italy). In 1984, he joined the Institute for Environmental Studies of the Free University; his main area of research concerns organic pollutants in the environment. At present he is responsible for the QA/QC of the IVM laboratory.